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Navigating the Customer Experience Career Path: Your Guide to Success

With the explosion of the client service industry, positions that cater to the customer’s experience are in high demand. If you’re familiar with this field or are looking to move into it, you can pursue a customer experience (CX) position toward a successful career. 

What Are the 4 Types of Career Paths? 

In searching for your next career, knowing the four types of career paths is helpful. This can aid you in determining what types of jobs to pursue. These four types are as follows: 

1. Knowledge-Based Careers 

A knowledge-based career requires you to use your knowledge on the job to advance to the next job level. As you work in a position, you gain useful information and knowledge that can propel you to the next level. Some jobs are a better fit for this type of path. In most instances, you’ll need to continue ongoing training and upskilling in a knowledge-based career. 

2. Skill-Based Professions 

Skill-based professions involve using a specific skill to complete the task. These often involve mechanical or technical skills that are hands-on. Some people in this position may do contracting work or a trade. 

Remember that these career paths are often cross-functional, requiring the person to have more than one of these abilities. 

3. Entrepreneur-Based Paths 

An entrepreneur-based path is a path of independence. In this career, the person has an idea for a product or service. They tap into their target consumer and provide products or services that help solve problems. 

4. Freelance Gigs 

A freelancer works somewhat independently in that they can choose how and when to perform their job, but they are hired by a third party to complete the work. The freelance career path spans many industries, such as writing, IT support, photography, graphic art, home remodeling, and more. 

What Does a Customer Experience (CX) Analyst Do? 

This type of position revolves around assessing and improving customer experiences at a company. To achieve this goal, CX analysts must gather and evaluate information about people’s buying behavior and motivators, which informs how the customer interacts with the company. 

Once the data is collected, the CX analyst will deliver their report to the organization so they can work toward improving the customer’s experience. A CX analyst helps the company position their products and services to the consumer in the most effective way possible, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

Young professional Hispanic woman smiles as she puts on her headphones in a call center - customer service jobs in Mexico

How Do I Become A CX Analyst? 

If you are considering analyzing and improving CX as a profession, you will likely need a mix of education, skills, and experience. 

Educational Background for CX Analyst 

Many companies require that you have a bachelor’s degree. It can be a degree that aligns closely with CX, such as statistics, business, marketing, or communication. A bachelor’s degree related to the industry you want to work in can also be useful. 

Relevant Skills 

Every career path involves some necessary skills. For customer experience analyst, the following skills are useful: 

  • Communication skills 
  • Analytical 
  • Mathematical skills 
  • Soft skills 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Listening skills 
  • Flexibility 
  • Problem-solving ability 
  • Willingness to compromise 
  • Strong client service skills 

CX Analyst Experience 

Gaining experience in customer service will enable you to secure a position as a CX analyst. Some other entry-level or mid-level positions include customer service coordinator, customer experience representative, or customer experience specialist. As you build your experience base, you will be one step closer to obtaining a CX analyst position. 

How Do I Start a Career In CX? 

You can begin your career in CX by reviewing and polishing your resume. Check to see if you have all or some of the qualifications to become an analyst. If your resume is lacking, you can start in an entry-level position and work your way up. 

Apply for jobs in that field, highlighting your skills and experience during the interview process. 

What Is a Customer Experience Lead? 

This individual works with the organization’s management team and stakeholders to improve relationships with consumers. More specifically, they work to ensure there is a seamless journey along all the touchpoints to sale completion. 

Join a Friendly Customer Service Team with the Ability to Move Up 

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