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11 Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent

What if creating a better company was easier than you ever imagined? 

Think of your business like a very complex machine. That machine is made up of different parts, and these “parts” are your employees. So if you want to have the best machine, the answer is simple: You need the best employees! 

How, though, can you get the top talent to come work for your company? Keep reading to discover 11 ways you can hire the best

1. Create an Ideal Candidate Persona 

Many businesses create customer personas to help their sales and marketing teams better understand who their customers are. You can use a similar strategy to create a “candidate persona” that helps everyone involved know what kind of employees you are looking to recruit. 

Think of the candidate persona as your ideal employee. What kind of education and background do they have? What skills and characteristics do they have that will benefit your company? 

Once you know more about the kind of employee you hope to hire, you can focus on hiring the best. 

2. Focus on Branding in Your Marketing 

The recruitment process is a lot easier if prospective employees are excited about working for your company. However, if you want to generate that kind of excitement, you need to focus on really building your brand. 

Branding should be reflected on your website. For example, you should have a “mission and values” section that tells people more about your company. 

You also need to build that brand through marketing, including social media marketing. Don’t forget to integrate the branding into your job descriptions to help recruit employees who share your values! 

3. Emphasize Your Value Proposition 

You already know why you want to hire the best employees. Now ask yourself: Do the best employees know why they would want to work for you? 

It’s important that prospective employees understand the value proposition you have to offer. This includes the compensation and benefits you offer, the opportunities for advancement, your focus on employee well-being, and the exciting workplace culture you have to offer. 

When it comes down to jobs with similar pay, most employees are going to go with the job that offers a better value proposition in other areas. By emphasizing your value proposition on your website, social media, and job listings, you can attract a higher caliber of employees. 

4. Create an Employee Referral Program 

Nobody knows the needs of your workplace quite as well as your existing employees. With that in mind, one of the best ways you can recruit better talent is with an employee referral program. 

While there are different ways to create such a program, the basics are simple: You encourage existing employees to help spread the word about your job listings. If you hire someone referred by one of your employees, you then provide the original employee with rewards and recognition

This strategy can be a real “win/win” for everyone involved. Your existing employees have an incentive to get rewards, and your company gets its own special reward: the best talent in the industry! 

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5. Improve Your Job Descriptions 

Sometimes, attracting top talent means returning to the basics. In this case, that means providing better job descriptions to attract better candidates. 

The ideal job description is short and to the point. But, at the same time, it needs to reflect your company’s values and your company culture (for example, a little humor in a job description lets people know you have a fun workplace). 

Above all, the best job descriptions need to be very transparent about the job requirements and the compensation applicants can expect. When a job description is unclear about what workers will need to do and how much they can expect to get paid, many of the best applicants will simply move on to the next job listing

6. Create Authoritative Content to Attract Great Talent 

You’ve probably heard that “content is king” when it comes to things like marketing and SEO. But, did you also know that creating authoritative content is also one of the best ways to attract great workers

By publishing knowledgeable content about your industry on your website, social media, LinkedIn, Medium, and more, you can increase your company visibility. Great content can help recruit even those who weren’t looking for a new job when they realize what your company has to offer. 

Mixing SEO with great content can also help your website rank better on Google searches. This helps you cast a wider net when it comes to hiring top talent. 

7. Emphasize Social Recruiting for Your Jobs 

You probably advertise your job listings on your website and on job boards across the internet. While that is a good start, you need to take things to the next level with social recruiting. 

As the name implies, social recruiting is all about recruiting talent via social media. This includes posting job openings on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, these social media platforms are a perfect place to share posts, photos, and videos that help to promote your company and raise awareness of your brand. 

And LinkedIn is particularly useful for helping you to find great talent and reach out to them. You can also join relevant industrial groups on LinkedIn as a way of establishing relationships and finding the talent you need for your company. 

8. Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Your Workplace 

Another solid way to recruit great workers is to emphasize your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Contrary to what some may think, these are not “buzzwords” and DE&I is not a politically charged topic. Instead, focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion is one of the simplest ways to attract better talent. 

That is because some of the best and most talented workers out there may hesitate to apply to companies where they do not feel welcome. Put another way, that means if you don’t focus on DE&I and include that focus in your values, marketing, and job descriptions, you could be losing great workers to other companies that prioritize diversity. 

9. Create Recruitment Videos for Potential Employees 

When it comes to entertainment and marketing, one thing is clear: Video is here to stay. This provides you with a unique opportunity to create employee recruitment videos that help you bring in the best of the best. 

The keyword in “employee recruitment video” is “employee.” Instead of having managers or actors talking up your company, make sure your recruitment videos feature actual workers who are honest about what they do and what this job means to them. 

When done right, these employee recruitment videos double as employee testimonials. Between the good things employees have to say and the fact that you’re shining a spotlight on real workers, you are sure to attract better job applicants than you had before. 

10. Crafting a Compelling Interview 

So far, we have focused on ways to get better prospective employees to apply for the jobs you list. Once they apply, though, you need to offer a world-class job interview if you want to attract world-class talent. 

For example, you may want to offer applicants a tour of the job instead of jumping right to the interview. This helps them learn more about your company, your workplace culture, and the job they’d be expected to perform. 

Some of the best interviews prominently feature your existing employees. This gives applicants a better idea of the people they will be working for and with, and the employees can provide honest answers to applicant questions. 

When you take the time to craft an awesome interview, you improve your odds of attracting top talent. Even if someone doesn’t accept a job offer, they will talk about the great interview with others, providing your company with awesome word-of-mouth marketing. 

11. Engage in Headhunting to Find the Best Workers 

When it comes to recruiting the best workers, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you can rely on the time-honored tradition of headhunting! 

Traditional headhunting occurs when you hire a third party to help you find the top talent. For a modest fee, a good headhunter can bring you the best of the best for your organization. 

What if you don’t want to use a third party, or you don’t have room for one in your budget? In that case, you can spend extra time researching LinkedIn each week. The LinkedIn platform provides you with much of the information that traditional headhunters use, and you simply need to invest a bit of time to find the talent your company needs. 

Make the Most Out of Your Own Talent Today! 

Now you know how to attract top talent to your company. But do you know who will make the most out of the talents you have to offer? 

Here at Seguros Confie, we are always looking for the best employees, including awesome managers. To see how we can help you find your own personal dream job, all you need to do is apply today