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3 Types of Positions to Apply for at Call Centers

Are you looking for a job that allows you to interact with a variety of people from day to day, acquire new skills and advance your career? 

Then a call center job might be the perfect fit for you. 

It’s common for people to think of a customer service position when they consider working at a call center, but there are many other types of call center jobs for people looking for their first or next career move. Keep reading to learn more about the responsibilities, skill requirements, and career advancement opportunities available at your local call center! 

Types of Call Center Job Positions 

In addition to customer service jobs, back office support and sales are common types of job positions available at call centers. 

What Types of Customer Service Jobs Are There? 

Customer services job positions at a call center are known by various titles, including: 

  • Customer Service Representative 
  • Call Center Representative 
  • Customer Support Specialist 
  • Customer Service Associate 

Regardless of the title you hold, the main responsibility of those in customer service positions is to be the first line of defense when someone calls the center. A call center specialist helps resolve customer problems, provides information, and answers questions with empathy by putting themselves in the customer’s shoes. These individuals might also contact customers to follow up on a lead or respond to customer inquiries. Customer interaction can happen through a variety of communication channels, including phone, email, text messaging, and online chats. 

Additional responsibilities of customer services specialists include conducting consumer research and managing third-party review sites and company social media sites. Effective written and verbal communication, solid record-keeping, and multitasking are essential skills for working in customer service. 

You’ll thrive in a customer service role if you enjoy interacting with people, solving problems, and offering expertise on a product. In the Tijuana area, it’s also necessary to be bilingual and well-versed in both English and Spanish when applying for most call center jobs. 

The great news about many call center positions is the fact that you can land one with little to no experience, though a background in customer service can be helpful. Once you get hired in a no-experience-necessary position, you can work your way up with career advancement opportunities to become a team lead, supervisor, sales specialist or manager. 

Young woman call center employee working with customer on phone wearing headset

What Back Office Support Job Positions Are Available? 

The back office of a call center is responsible for the support, administrative, and clerical duties necessary to keep a call center functioning smoothly. The types of back office positions available will be partly driven by the type of call center you’re working for, though common job types include: 

  • Claims Processing 
  • Order Fulfillment 
  • Accounting 
  • Human Resources 
  • Marketing 
  • Internet Technology (IT) 

Many call centers also fill positions with the title of back office representative. At Seguros Confie, for example, back office representatives provide support and assistance to personnel who are client-facing. Responsibilities include archive work, shipping, reporting, transcription, and documentation. 

You’ll do well in this type of position if you possess excellent communication skills and a positive attitude. Being service-oriented, adaptable, and computer savvy are additional requirements. You’ll typically need advanced English skills to work in this type of job in and around the Tijuana region. 

Like many customer service positions, you don’t necessarily need specific prior experience for back-office job positions, and with time and experience, you can advance to more senior-level positions. 

What Are Sales Call Center Jobs? 

Sales representative call center jobs provide personalized attention to customers. They play an important role when interacting with customers to inform, promote, sell, and close the deal for a company’s services and products. 

Additional responsibilities of a sales representative include qualifying leads from different types of marketing campaigns and maintaining a database of prospective customers. In addition to working with warm leads, cold calling is sometimes required. 

Those who possess enthusiasm, confidence, and excellent networking skills typically do well in sales positions. You also need to have empathy for customers, solid written and verbal communication skills, and excellent problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. Other skills necessary for success are self-motivation, the ability to work independently, computer savviness, and the ability to speak both English and Spanish. 

Many sales positions require you to have at least some prior sales experience. Career advancement opportunities include promotions to more senior level sales, team lead, supervisory, and managerial positions. 

Apply for a Call Center Job Today! 

Now you know about some of the types of call center jobs available. But do you know where to find a call center with excellent employee benefits, career advancement opportunities, and more? 

Here at Seguros Confie, we are always looking to hire call center customer service, sales, and back-office specialists. To see how we can help you find the job of your dreams, apply today