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Career Advice for Adults: How to Change Careers At 40

Changing careers is a big step in life, especially if you have been in the same career for over a decade. Starting a new job at any age is daunting, but it can seem more challenging when you’re in your prime. If you’re about age 40 and ready for a change, there are no limits to what you can do. 

Reasons You May Want to Change Careers at 40 

Various circumstances may cause someone to decide to change their career midlife. Many jobs are being replaced by artificial intelligence, which leads individuals to look for a new line of work. The company you work for may be out of business, leading to your venture to find a new job. Or you might simply be tired of the job you have. Some people get into a career when they’re young and then decide it isn’t what they want. 

Additionally, physical issues could lead someone to want a different field. If you’re doing a tasking job, you might desire something to accommodate your physical stamina and ability. 

Whatever the reason for changing occupations, you can move forward with helpful career advice for adults. 

How to Change Careers at 40: Advice for Adults 

Changing careers doesn’t need to be intimidating. You can succeed in obtaining a new job suitable for your current situation. The following steps will get you on the right track: 

  • Write down your skills and abilities alongside another list of potential jobs you would enjoy 
  • Research jobs that are popular or hiring to determine if you would be a good fit 
  • Talk to others about their career choice 
  • Review and refresh your resume 
  • Once you find a job you’re interested in, you can revise your resume to match the job description more closely 
  • Create a cover letter that highlights your skills relevant to the position 

Determining the Right Career for You 

You may wonder, “How can I figure out what career is right for me?” Finding the right career is a good place to start. Listed below are tips to help you answer this question. 

Assess Your Abilities 

You can determine the right career for you by assessing your background, skills, and abilities. Some skills are mostly universal and will be transferable to any position. Other skills that you have may be specialized. These special skills will help you perform certain tasks necessary for particular careers. If you seek a career that aligns with your skill set, you’ll be on the path to finding the right job. 

Find a Career You’ll Love 

It’s vital that you like what you do. If you’re in a career you despise, you won’t perform as well as you could. You also may become unhappy and feel stuck. No one wants to go to a job that they dislike every day. That’s a sure recipe for burnout. However, finding a job with a supportive culture that you enjoy will improve your life. 

Check Employment Numbers 

You also want to be sure the career is a thriving one. A job that has a low unemployment rate is one to consider. Of course, you have to look at the employment forecast for the future, too. If the position is consistent with job openings, it’s worth looking into. 

Ensure the Job Has a Good Work Culture 

When you find a job that is hiring, you should ensure that the company has a work culture that promotes growth. Being in a positive environment creates a healthy atmosphere. They should also offer opportunities for a good work-life balance

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What Are the 5 Top Careers? 

What careers are hot right now? What are the top jobs for someone 40 or older? The answer depends on whether you have a college degree or not. Some jobs may require a 4-year degree, while others are entry-level or will train. In the latter case, a high school diploma or GED are the only educational requirements necessary. Five top careers that you may want to consider are as follows: 

Social Media Manager 

Digital marketing is here to stay, which means there will be a need for social media managers to handle a company’s brand image. This job is responsible for managing a company’s communications with the public by developing content, analyzing customer engagement, studying digital trends with the public, and creating digital campaigns. 

Web Developer 

Successful companies have a website for customers to learn about their services and products. They use a web developer to build the site, ensuring it is user-friendly. This person must know how to code and program to develop a website. They often work hand in hand with web designers to get the job done. 


Accountants are necessary to help organizations operate seamlessly and efficiently. They do so, in part, by managing the organization’s financial data. They analyze financial records and provide feedback about potential problem areas. An accountant will also be adept at handling income taxes, ensuring that they are paid in a timely manner. 

IT Manager or Specialist 

Information technology (IT) managers oversee the company’s information systems. They also coordinate and handle the organization’s hardware, software, and business network. 

Sales Representative (Inbound or Outbound) 

A sales representative is instrumental in the success of a business. They often have inbound and outbound responsibilities that include receiving and making calls. During these calls, they work to boost the company’s product through sales. 

Additionally, they provide information to customers and potential customers, leading to sales. To accomplish their role, they take advantage of a customer relationship management program. 

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