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Customer Service Representative

Happy call center agent with a other agents in the background

Full Job Description

Modality: Onsite

Location: Mexico, Rosarito, Tecate Baja California, Tijuana

Job Type: Full time

More Details: We are seeking Customer Service Representatives to join our team. Customer Service Representatives are often a client’s primary point of contact with a company.

Our customer service department makes sure that the customer ends the phone call with a smile on their face by helping process monthly payments and answering their questions etc.

What does a Customer Service Representative do?

Provide customer service to policyholders and promote a trustworthy company image and its processes, while assisting customers located in the US.

  1. Provide information to customers about their insurance policy.
    1. Assist customers with insurance policy information by understanding and interpreting the information available.
    2. Transfer customer calls to the insurance company when specific information is not available in the several information sources.
  2. Process monthly payments from customers/policyholders.
    1. Take payments from customers based on insurance company guidelines and state regulations where the policy is located.
    2. Update customer profile with the correct information for the database and on the insurance company website.
  3. Process changes in policies/endorsements.
    1. Assist customers looking for a change in their policy.
    2. Apply changes requested by customers based on insurance company guidelines and the states’ regulations where the policy is located.
    3. Explain/obtain from customers the necessary documentation needed to make changes to their policy.
    4. Inform customers about changes in their insurance premium.
  4. Reinstate canceled policies.
    1. Reinstate canceled policies based on insurance company guidelines and state regulations where the policy is located.
    2. In case of expired policies, transfer customer calls to the sales department for a new quote.

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