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8 Ways to Stay Energized and Enthusiastic in the Call Center

What if the best part of your job was also the worst part of your job? 

That’s what it can feel like when you work in a call center. For the most part, you know what to expect each day, which is great. Over time, though, the pleasant routine of your job can become monotonous. If you’re not careful, that monotony can really sap your energy, affecting how well you perform at your job. 

Here’s the good news: There are a few proven methods to help you stay energized and enthusiastic in the call center. Keep reading to discover what they are! 

1. Take Exercise Breaks 

In the call center, you spend most of your time sitting down. This may seem like a good thing at first, but you may not realize how much a “desk job” is affecting your energy level. 

That’s why we recommend short exercise breaks. These can be as simple as walking around the office, or maybe walking to your car and back. 

These brief bits of exercise help to get your blood flowing and return your energy. You’ll have plenty of energy and enthusiasm once you get back on the phone. 

2. Stick to a Regular Diet 

Wondering where all your energy went? It may not be gone due to the nature of your job. In fact, it may be gone due to the nature of your diet! 

A healthy diet is critical to maintaining a good energy level throughout the day. However, many call center workers are guilty of skipping breakfast. At lunch, such workers may alternate between eating too little (like a granola bar and coffee) or eating unhealthy food (such as takeout). 

If you eat a balanced breakfast and eat a nice lunch you bring from home, you’ll have more energy and enthusiasm all day. You’ll probably feel a lot happier, too, which your colleagues are likely to appreciate. 

3. Talk with Colleagues When You Can 

Speaking of your colleagues, it’s important to talk to them when you can. As a call center worker, the job can often feel very isolating. Your cubicle might as well be an island floating in space, especially if the only people you ever really talk to are customers. 

If you have a difficult customer or an overall bad day, it can be helpful to vent to your colleagues. Even on a good day, though, regularly speaking to your fellow workers can help you maintain your energy level. 

Before you know it, your fellow workers will become your friends. It’s easier to be enthusiastic about the job when you are working alongside people you trust. 

4. Get a Comfier Chair 

When you work in a call center, that means mostly sitting down for eight hours a day. The chair you sit in plays a major role in how much energy you have! 

If you’re not happy with your chair, request one with proper back support. Ideally, you want a chair that ensures you don’t have major neck and back pain by the end of the day. 

A better chair really improves your quality of life at work. That alone can make you more energized and enthusiastic. 

man sitting in office chair at desk

5. Listen to Music When You Can 

Unless your supervisor has a strict policy, we recommend listening to music when you can. This might include listening to music via headphones or even listening to a radio on low volume between calls. 

When you listen to your favorite tunes, it can help maintain your energy level. You can shift to different kinds of music as needed. For example, mellow, lo-fi music can help relax you after a stressful call with an angry customer

Music can help you maintain your energy and enthusiasm while helping pass the hours more quickly. As an added bonus, it will improve your mood, and this helps you perform your job more effectively when dealing with customers. 

6. The Need for Fresh Air 

If you work enough hours and enough days in the same building, you may start to feel like the walls are closing in. This can quite easily sap your energy, especially when you dread going to work. 

That’s why you need to grab some fresh air when you can. Even if it’s as simple as going for a walk outside on your lunch break, the combination of sunshine and fresh air can instantly boost your energy. 

If you combine exercise and fresh air, you’ll come back to work with twice the energy and enthusiasm. Both your customers and your supervisor will notice how committed you are to the job. 

7. Keep Photos Up at Work 

One of the main reasons people lose energy and enthusiasm in the call center is because they lose their motivation. To stay motivated every time you’re on the clock, we recommend keeping photos of family, friends, and pets in your workspace. It’s not very subtle, but this serves as an ongoing reminder of why you get up each morning and come to work. 

With a reminder that you are not doing this for yourself so much as you are doing it for them, it can be easier to be enthusiastic at work all day. 

8. Get a Regular Night’s Sleep 

Sometimes, the reason you have no energy or enthusiasm at work has less to do with the job and more to do with your sleep habits. If you are staying up all night and then having to get up early for work, you are starting the day with far less energy than you might otherwise have. 

That’s why we recommend going to bed on time each night. This helps keep you more energetic and enthusiastic even as it improves your mood. You won’t just be a more energized worker; you’ll be a better worker when you get more sleep. 

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