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The letters of the city of Tijuana on the beach of Baja California - Best Call Center in Tijuana.

Relocating to Tijuana: A Guide for Future Seguros Confie Employees 

The thought of relocating to Tijuana for a call center job in Mexico is indeed exciting. But it takes more than stuffing your suitcase with your sombrero and hitting the border. Easing into your new life after moving to a new place starts with a solid plan. So, hold off on the street taco tours and start with establishing financial stability. Get the process started for your choice of residence visa to give you peace of mind as you pursue Tijuana jobs. 

Welcome to Tijuana: Your New Adventure Awaits 

Get ready to have your toes tapping and your taste buds prepared for the adventures of Avenida Revolución and more. From the cultural center, beaches, and a culinary scene more vibrant than a 24-pack of crayons, relocating to Tijuana will provide you with daily adventures. But as you establish a new routine, keep in mind that it will be anything but routine. If you’re still not sure about the many advantages, here are some pros to moving to Tijuana, Mexico

  • Enhanced quality of life 
  • Binational culture 
  • Access to healthcare 
  • Vibrant food scene 

Your well-being and quality of life become a top priority when you upgrade your lifestyle and access to public health care. You can indulge in scenic walks to beachside lounging in Baja’s largest beach city and enjoy the added fusion of Tijuana and American culture. 

Setting the Stage for Your Move to Tijuana 

How to move to Mexico begins with financial stability and residency. Yes, there are many high-paying jobs in Mexico for bilingual speakers in the customer service, manufacturing, aerospace, retail, and tourism industries to consider. Looking at the vast opportunities and benefits that come with call center jobs may get you closer to establishing your residency. When you’re ready to apply for your temporary or permanent residency visa, you can also submit a work permit application. 

Documents & Legal Requirements To Be Aware Of 

If you’re still wondering how to move to Tijuana, first decide if you’re simply toe-dipping in this popular peninsula or going all 10 toes in. Keep in mind that temporary and permanent residency are two very different swims. 

Mexico Temporary Resident Visa (180 Days) 

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a permanent suntan in the Baja city, you will be required to provide the following: 

  • Completed resident application 
  • Original passport 
  • Photocopy of passport personal information page 
  • Government ID or driver’s license 
  • Copy of government ID or driver’s license 
  • Passport size photo (1.5 x 1.7 inches) 
  • Proof of a minimum of six months of income 
  • Proof of 12 months of investment or savings 
  • Notarized deed of real estate in Mexico valued at a minimum of $258,950 USD 

Mexico Permanent Resident Visa 

As noted, you will need to provide the above information for the temporary resident visa. However, the minimum income is higher for permanent residency. You will need to contact your local Mexican consulate to get the current minimum daily wage (MDW) for proof of monthly income and other financial requirements. 

Before applying for a temporary or permanent residency, consider applying for call center jobs so that you can include proof of employment with your application. The economic solvency portion of the residency process will be much smoother. 

Routine street movement in the lively city of Tijuana, Mexico

How To Make the Move 

Moving to Tijuana can feel quite overwhelming at times. However, try to simplify the process by implementing the following steps in your plan: 

  • Apply for FM3-Temporary residency or FM2-Permanent residency. 
  • Provide employment offer documentation. 
  • Research Mexico National Banks to open an account. 
  • Create a moving and living expenses budget. 

After applying and interviewing with a modern call center, you will be provided with several resources. You may be pointed in the direction of recommended neighborhoods to consider, moving companies, and a referral for a professional real estate agent. 

Finding Your New Home in Tijuana 

It’s always a good idea to do your research online about the rental market in the Baja city. However, recommendations from a network of professionals who work and live in the area are also a viable resource. It is recommended to explore neighborhoods close to or in easy proximity to call center jobs you are interested in applying for to get familiar with the area. 

Navigating Tijuana’s Cost of Living 

Tijuana’s cost of living has historically been lower than the U.S. Nonetheless, shopping at the Mercado Hidalgo daily stand and enjoying the nightlife every weekend can elevate the cost of living. It is a good idea to create a budget for your move and future residence. 

Housing, Utilities, and Daily Expenses 

The monthly rent, utilities, and daily expenses may vary according to your usage, location, and lifestyle. Rent and utilities average $508 for a single person, according to

Inexpensive Medical Care and Other Benefits 

One of the great perks of being a temporary or permanent resident of Mexico is the public health coverage. Call center jobs in Tijuana offer healthcare and other benefits. But if your employment options are delayed and you cannot unlock employee benefits just yet, you can apply for public health care through Mexican Social Security Insurance (IMSS). 

Commuting in Tijuana: Tips and Tricks 

The best tips and tricks for commuting truly depend on where you’re going and the distance. Taxi and public bus transportation are accessible. You may be a little disappointed that the famous zonkeys are out of commission as a form of transportation. But zonkeys are available for pictures to capture the moment with Tijuana’s famed painted stripe donkey. Walking, biking, and ride-sharing are also available for you to get around the beach city. 

Finding Support: Confie Seguros’ Resources for Newcomers 

Are you ready to launch your new career in a new country with vast opportunities? Join our winning call center today to begin your Tijuana journey. At Seguros Confie, we have the support you will need as a newcomer to our lovely city. 

We are located in the lively financial district of the city, where you can advance in your career while enjoying local cuisine, fitness, and leisure activities. Apply to work with us today or contact Seguros Confie online