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7 Sales Tips for Call Center Employees

If you work in a call center, you likely have many different responsibilities. But one of the biggest and most important responsibilities is to meet your different sales quotas. 

However, sales is a lot harder than it looks. You need to do more than describe different products and services to your customers. You need to help them see the value of what your company has to offer even as you build a solid working relationship. 

Doing this well takes a lot of time and practice. But by using our tips below, you can improve your call center sales in no time! 

1. Emphasize Benefits 

Above, we touched on the fact that you can’t just describe products and services to customers and expect them to buy. This is mainly because the customer cannot immediately connect with what the products and services can do for them. 

When selling, it’s important to always emphasize the unique benefits of what you have to offer. For example, a customer doesn’t want to simply hear you say that a feature is convenient. But if you explain how this convenient feature will help them spend more time with their family, they will be more interested in making a purchase. 

2. The Art of the Upsell 

Sometimes, making sales over the phone can be frustrating. One reason is that a customer may only buy one product or service and ignore the other products and services that may be beneficial. 

This problem goes back to what we described above. It’s not that the customer doesn’t know what else you have to offer. At this time they don’t see how these other offerings will benefit them. 

The simple solution here is to master the art of the upsell. For example, if a customer describes how much they enjoy the benefits of one product, you could recommend another product with similar (or perhaps better) benefits. Now, the customer doesn’t think you are simply trying to make the sale. Instead, they will focus on how your recommendations will further improve their life. 

3. Know the Product Backwards and Forwards 

It’s one thing to say that you need to upsell the right products at the right time. But what if you didn’t know enough about the products to pull that off? 

One “rookie mistake” that many call center workers make is that they don’t know nearly enough about the products and services they are selling. In some cases, employees only know the most basic descriptions. Needless to say, if you don’t know enough about how something works, you won’t be able to explain to a caller how a particular product can make their lives better. 

Make sure you understand everything you sell backward and forwards. Do additional research, and try to get “hands-on” experience with your products. A little extra time learning these details now will help a lot when trying to make sales later on. 

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4. Avoid Being Too Pushy 

Ever notice the reaction of other customers in a store when a worker asks if they need help? Many customers almost involuntarily stiffen up as they politely decline the offer. Why do they do this? Because these customers have had negative experiences with pushy sales reps before. 

When it comes to your own telephone sales, it’s important to never come across as too pushy. If a customer feels like you are pressuring them, they are likely to end the call and perhaps even stop doing business with your company altogether. 

Once more, the best solution is to focus on the benefits that your products have to offer. And when it’s clear that a customer isn’t going to buy anything, stop trying to push the sale. In the long run, this will improve customer retention and increase the likelihood of an eventual sale. 

5. Focus On Incentives 

If we’re being honest, there are days when it is difficult to stay motivated while working at a call center. And when you’ve been dealing with several problematic callers, it can be especially difficult to focus on making sales. 

In those situations, we recommend that you focus on incentives. For example, if your call center offers special incentives for employees who make a certain number of sales, it’s a good idea to focus on your chances of making those sales and enjoying the prizes. 

It may sound a tad shallow, but what this does is remind you that frustrations on the job (especially from annoying customers) are only temporary. By focusing on how you’ll enjoy those rewards in the future, you force yourself to focus on a brighter tomorrow, and that will help you make sales today. 

6. Be Enthusiastic Without Overdoing It 

Previously, we talked about the dangers of being too pushy on the phone. But there is an opposite approach you should be aware of: being too enthusiastic. 

As a call center employee, it’s important to come across as eager, energetic, and friendly. But if you come across as too enthusiastic, customers may actually be turned off, and it will be that much harder to make a sale. 

The solution is to use a voice that is a slightly (say, 10-20%) friendlier and more energetic version of your natural voice. If you take it further, you may come across as fake and off-putting, especially when you try to close a sale. 

7. Ask Extra Questions 

It’s no secret that call center employees make sales by talking to customers. If you want to make more sales, then you need to focus on extending conversations! 

For example, don’t just stick to “yes” and “no” answers when customers ask you questions. Instead, ask follow-up questions of your own such as “How does that sound to you” or “Do you understand how xyz works now?” When it comes to sales, this is a real “win/win” tactic. 

That’s because follow-up questions show the caller that you are listening and actively engaged with their problem. And the more you understand their problem, the more you can sell a product or service that will solve it. 

Your call center manager may require a relatively short average call length, so don’t overdo it. But asking just a few more follow-up questions per call can boost your sales in a big way, all while showing callers your commitment to helping them. 

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